It’s Regatta Week

Today is the 1st of March, 2017 and tomorrow is the first official Race day of the 37th Heineken Regatta. For me this means for the next 4 days my life as a captain on St. Maarten is going to be much more difficult. While everyone else is watching the races and going to the yacht club to enjoy the bridge parties I will be weaving in and out of sailing crews focused on a finish line. While at dive sites the few sailors who don’t realize we can’t all take the week off will be turning as close as possible to my dive boat and shouting at me for being in the race line. Which unfortunately is inevitable since I don’t have a clue how to read the race map. So today in my last day of peace I have chosen to get a pedicure, clean house, and write a long overdue blog post. My glorious new (month early) birthday gift, a mini iPad has made it possible for me to enjoy the best pedicure spot on the island (Nancy Nails in Simpson Bay) and write this. My massage chair is intense so please forgive any spelling errors.

If you want to enjoy some of the best parts of the regatta you should head over the St. Maarten Yacht Club to watch the bridge openings. The first one at 8am as the contestants leave but the 3pm bridge opening features the bridge competition which is always a good show. There are costumes, dance contests, and lots of beers.

There are serval boats that also go out to watch the race from the water but you can’t tell what’s happening so I only suggest these for the drinks and the boat ride.


Have fun this week and watch out for the blonde dive boat captain weaving through the sails and throwing up the bird.

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