Buying your first piece of Scuba Gear (a Dive Mask!)

Now that you’ve caught the scuba bug you are ready to invest in some gear of your own. In my experience there are a lot of dive centers who would gladly sell a full set of gear to someone who hasn’t even started their course yet. This isn’t always the case but be ready for this type of approach when you go in for your gear.

When you start your course you may be required to purchase your own mask, fins, and snorkel. A lot of people choose the cheapest set for their course. In some cases this equipment has to be replaced before their Open Water Dives are finished. If you have to buy your own mask the most important thing to do is treat it for fog! For more information about how to choose and defog your mask look for a whole post focused entirely on your scuba mask!

If you didn’t have to purchase these items you might be tempted to rent all of your gear from head to toe. Sometimes this works out well and the rental gear is in good condition, but even if that is the case finding a rental mask that doesn’t leak can be tricky.

For this reason the first piece of scuba gear you should purchase is a diving mask! 

There are a lot of different options here, if you can find a dive shop that will let you try out gear in their pool this is the only real way to make sure your gear fits your properly. If you don’t have this option I have more information about how to find a mask that fits your properly in a blog post of it’s own.

Having a properly fitting mask that doesn’t leak and won’t fog can save your dive! Having water fill your mask can be so stressful that it causes panic in even experienced divers. If you are comfortable enough to spend your dive clearing your mask you also have to deal with fogging now that any anti fog you used is washed out. Once your find a mask that fits store it in a clean dry place and take it with you if you ever try out a new one. This way if the new one doesn’t fit you can switch back the one you can trust.

The second piece of equipment you should purchase is a dive computer! Watch for a post on some of my favorite computers and how to read your computer!

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