Women’s Dive Day 2017

Yesterday was the 3rd annual PADI Women’s Dive Day. PADI created this event to honor and celebrate women in diving and the community of divers. There were more than 700 events hosted world wide by divers and dive centers that wanted to take part. This event is a celebration of all that women have done in the diving world and is a great way to help women meet other female divers. As a female dive professional I rarely get the opportunity to have a majority of women divers on my boat and I am happy to say the event we hosted was a success. I planned a dive in cooperation with the St. Maarten Nature Foundation where our dive group learned about their current Coral Restoration Project and how they monitor healthy corals in the Marine Park. Afterwords we celebrated with champagne and snacks.

Female divers are the minority in the scuba diving world and I get my fair share of surprise when guests find out I am the boat captain. In fact I have had a few people refer to my male Dive Masters as Captain while calling me honey or sweetheart. But I will refrain from ranting on here. Instead I will just share my two favorite websites for female divers that I have found. If you have any other blogs or websites that you would like to share please send them along!!

https://www.coffeewithasliceoflife.com/ – This blog is by Sarah Richard. Scuba and Travel Blogger as well as one of the founders of Girls that Scuba!


https://www.girlsthatscuba.com/ – A blog, Facebook, and Instagram filled with inspiring female divers from all over the world




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